• Keto Cookies

    Keto Cookies

    The Best Keto Cookies – Keto Snacks One of those delicious and Keto-friendly recipes are my Keto cookies. When I made my first ever batch, I was surprised with how delicious they are! I even remade the recipe with the exact same steps and ingredients again just to see if they will come out just the same, and they did! I began taking these cookies with me to work as a snack until I got home and prepared lunch, but soon these cookies became my coworkers’ snacks too! Keep in mind these cookies are Keto and sugar-free, and my coworkers were not going on a Keto diet yet they still raged…

  • Keto Crackers

    Keto Crackers

    How to make keto snacks Being on a keto diet not only means sticking to carb-free meals but it also means avoiding all the guilty snacks. But it does happen that you may walk to the fridge looking for anything quick to snack on, and I’ve got a great and easy-to-make snack for you. Cheese crackers. How to Make Mix your dry ingredients: almond flour, baking powder, and a pinch of salt. Stir the ingredients well together. Add your melted butter and continue mixing. Melt your cheddar cheese in the microwave for just less than a minute Add your melted cheese to the mix you prepped and mix the wet…