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    7-day – Keto Diet Plan Around these days two years ago between October and December, I was watching YouTube videos looking for something to make me feel good after getting my lunch or dinner rather than full and bloated. I came across Dr.Berg’s video talking about the advantages of the keto diet. His words made sense to me, and especially more after I did my own research about the keto diet. I then ran to my husband telling him that I found it, the eating lifestyle that works for me, because I have tried many kinds of diets like fat-free or counting calories over the years. I then began to…

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    How to Keep Mushrooms

    How to Keep Mushrooms Fresh longer in the fridge Mushrooms are always a staple at many houses, they are a perfect and healthy addition to almost any meal at any time of the day, good with a breakfast omelette, a midday salad or snack, or a dinner dish. The challenge that comes with buying mushrooms though is storing them. It is very important to be aware of how to choose the good mushrooms and to learn how to store them in order to keep them good for the longest period possible. Buying mushrooms- when you choose your mushrooms make sure that the cap (top part of the mushroom) is fully…

  • How to keep strawberries fresh longer
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    How to Keep Strawberry Fresh

    How to Keep Strawberry and Berris Fresh Longer Being on a keto diet gets you used to the drill of switching to fruits instead of candy when craving something sweet. I have grown to love berries over the years, especially strawberries. Sometimes all I need is a quick bite of something sweet, and let me tell you that some fresh strawberries come in very handy. I often use them to make some strawberry jam as well, and after practicing the making of jam over and over, my love for berries has grown even more. There are so many other ways that people enjoy their berries.. smoothies, acai bowls, desserts, and…